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Climate change, migration and human trafficking

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Basic Info on Mental Health Management Of Migrants Workers

Covid-19: How the pandemic has exacerbated situations of vulnerability for Bangladeshi migrant workers

Living with Violence: Mental Health Consequences of Women Migrant Workers

Anti-Slavery International recognizes OKUP working to prevent climate-induced migration and modern slavery; #OKUP@COP26

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Access to Justice for Bangladeshi migrant workers: Opportunities and Challenges_2021

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Community-based awareness on safe migration and PMTCT reduce migration related risks and HIV infections among migrants, spouses and children

Gambling on Life: Context and Consequences of irregular migration from Bangladesh to Italy

Gender Dimension of Remittances: A study of Bangladeshi women migrant workers in Lebanon

A decade of women migration from Bangladesh: Achievements, challenges, Prospects

A critical Review: Legal redress and health services for Bangladeshi migrant workers

Opportunities for improved support and assistance for Bangladeshi migrants in Lebanon

Impacts Of the project Initiating a global approach in supporting and empowering migrants throughout the migration cycle and asylum seekers and refugees in Lebanon

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Policy Brief on Health Risk of Migrant Workers

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