Sims Project peer to peer

Strengthened and Informative Migration Systems (SIMS Phase I)

Project Timeline:





Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, OKUP has been implementing the project through a consortium with Helvetas Bangladesh.

Project Overall Objective

Migrants, particularly marginalized men and women improve their well-being due to safer migration practices and better migration governance.

Specific Objective

  • Men and women migrant workers make an informed decision on migration with a view to choose pathways that maximise economic returns and minimise risks related to migration in prevailing context including Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Public and private sectors provide new or improved services needed for safe migration
  • Migrant Workers, returnee migrants, and their family members are able to reduce exposure to external shocks, incl. the COVID19 pandemic by using remittances more effectively.
  • Communities at the grassroots level are informed about safe migration processes and consequences of irregular migration and trafficking.
  • Aspirant men and women migrant workers avail pre-employment orientation (PEO) and pre-departure making orientation (PDMO).
  • Men and Women aspirant migrant workers are referred to effective and relevant skills development support activities.
  • Men and Women migrant workers have access to effective legal support for addressing grievances.
  • TTC, DEMO, and LGI capacitated on high quality PDO provision, safe work-travel information, and safe migration information dissemination respectively.
  • ADR, law enforcement, BMET arbitration and legal aid organizations are strengthened.
  • Financial service providers are sensitized on the need for specific financial products for MW.
  • Migrant workers, returnee migrants, and/or their families are knowledgeable in financial literacy to manage remittance effectively.
  • Migrant workers, returnee migrants and their families use remittances for productive purposes.

Project Focus Area

  • Pre-departure Making Orientation (PDMO), PDO class to TTC & DEMO, Outreach Campaign (Graffiti painting, Street Drama) for Safe migration awareness.
  • Legal support, GMC, CTC meeting to access effective legal support for addressing grievances for Men and migrant workers.
  • Continuous meeting with local level stakeholders (Forum members, UP chairman’s, Word Counsellor, Peer Informants).
  • Financial Literacy Training, Entrepreneurship Development Training, Linkage building workshop etc.

Geographic Area


  1. Narsingdi
  2. Cumilla

Upazila: (Union-50, Narsingdi-30 & Cumilla-20)

  1. Narsingdi Sadar
  2. Polash
  3. Raipura
  4. Belabo
  5. Monohordi
  6. Shibpur
  7. Burichang
  8. Meghna
  9. Brahmanpara
  10. Debidwer
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