Reintegration of Migrant Workers in Bangladesh

The “Reintegration of Migrant Workers in Bangladesh” project, initiated in December 2022, aims to
empower female returnee migrants of Manikganj district by providing essential support services,
skills training, and assistance for their social and economic reintegration. Under this project, OKUP
is committed to ensuring the establishment of sustainable reintegration for these women.

Over the past year, from December 2022 to December 2023, our efforts included door-to-door
orientation, basic counseling support, health assistance, safe shelter home support, airport pickup,
and legal assistance. Throughout this period, we reached a total of 5625 individuals (3764 females
and 1859 males) via door-to-door orientation and identified women returnee migrants who had come
back to Bangladesh between 2020 and 2023. Recognizing the diverse needs of the identified
returnee women migrants, we offered basic counseling support to 76 individuals, health assistance
to 29, and safe shelter home support to 33. Additionally, we facilitated airport pick-ups for 7 returnee
women, offering support at the crucial moment of their return. Legal assistance was provided to 6
individuals, addressing issues related to abuse and exploitation, emphasizing our commitment to
upholding justice. To empower and equip returnee women migrants, we organized Life Skill Training
and Entrepreneurship Development Training. These initiatives aimed to enhance their practical
capabilities and encourage a smoother reintegration process by building confidence and self-

Simultaneously, community sensitization played a crucial role in our approach. Through the Migrant
Forum, we conducted 120 union-level orientations to increase unity among returnee migrants in the
project area. Our Migrant Forum members are assisting us in reaching the vulnerable returnee
women migrants in their locality. Besides these, we are working to sensitize the local stakeholders
so that the returnee women can access public and private institutions for sustainable reintegration.
We have achieved important progress in several areas. It has made life better for women who have
returned to their home country by offering them practical help, teaching them new skills, and giving
them a place to connect with their community. Additionally, OKUP has made the community more
accepting and friendly towards those who have returned, by spreading awareness and lessening any
negative attitudes. Lastly, OKUP ensures the empowerment of the returnee migrant women by
providing them with the tools and knowledge to contribute to their families and the local economy,
thus promoting development in the area.

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