Promoting Self-Sustaining Migrants’ Communities (ProSeS)


Contribute to the implementation of SDG Goal 10 (safe, orderly and responsible labour migration) and also the implementation of Global Compact on Migration (GCM) objectives: 5 (legal pathways), 6 (fair and ethical recruitment), 7 (address vulnerability of migrants), 9 (end smuggling of migrants), 10 (prevent and combat trafficking), 15 (basic services for migrants), and 16 (empowering migrants) at national level


Migrant workers, particularly marginalized men and women as well as families left behind including female spouses and children improved their well-being by safer migration practices, upholding rights, accessing opportunities and entitlements

Geographical coverage

Dhaka, Narayanganj (Araihazar-10 unions and two pourosova), Munshiganj (Munshiganj Sadar- 7 unions and two pourosova), Faridpur (Charbhadrasan-4unions)

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