Prevention & Advocacy on Migrant’s HIV Issues, Enhancing Access to Health Services and Promoting HIV Positive Migrant’s Rights in Asia. (RCNF)

Project Timeline:





Robert Carr Fund for Society Networks, led by CARAM Asia (Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility), this project is being implemented by OKUP.

Project Overall Objective

Promoting the rights of PLHIV Migrants.

Specific Objective

  • To build capacity of potential migrant workers through pre-departure training;
  • To advocate with key stakeholders for social and economic reintegration of PLHIV, especially migrant PLHIV;
  • To advocate with government officials and related key stakeholders on migrants and PLHIV’s rights; and
  • To capacitate community forum leader on this issue as they sensitize their own community;

Project Focus Area

Awareness raising on HIV/AIDS issues of outbound migrant workers,
Capability enhancement of migrant forum and community forum members,
Lobby and Advocacy to promote sustainable reintegration of migrant PLHIV

Geographic Area

National level

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