Global Strategy for Skills, Migration, and Development

Global Research on Skills and Development (GS4S)

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European Commission’s Horizon Europe program and coordinated by Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The project has partners from Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

Project Overall Objective

To enhance integrated response capacity through dynamic combinations of various tools (migration and mobility policies, strengthening skills and workforce activity rates at the national and local levels, relocations, targeted technological investments, etc.).

Specific Objective

  • Conduct research on skill gaps in key sectors like digital, care, and construction across various regions
  • Develop new data and insights to inform effective policies on global mobility programs
  • Integrate the perspectives of multinational and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) regarding filling skill shortages in global value chains
  • GS4S will examine the experiences of skilled migrant workers related to skilling, upskilling, and reskilling in the EU and non-EU contexts
  • Researchers will propose effective labor migration governance policies and alternative solutions to address skill shortages across six regions: EU, EEA, Western Balkans, Middle East and North Africa, West Africa, and South/Southeast Asia

Project Focus Area

  • Research, Policy, and Advocacy

Geographic Area

National Level

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