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Collective Action for Improving Migrants’ Rights and Access to Justice (CLAIM)

Project Timeline:





Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)

Project Overall Objective

To enhance the resilience of migrant workers particularly women and girls and their communities by 20% while fostering collective action against unsafe migration, trafficking, forced labor, and exploitation.

Specific Objective

  • Migrant workers particularly women and girl are actively contributing to community- led initiatives related to migrants’ rights Public and private sectors provide new or improved services needed for safe migration
  • Migrant workers particularly women and girl, along with their communities, possess the knowledge and capabilities to assert their rights actively and advocate against unsafe migration, trafficking, forced labour, and exploitation.
  • Migrant workers and relevant duty bearers, including lawyers and judicial officials, are mobilized with the necessary knowledge and tools to access and secure justice for cases related to migrant worker rights.
  • Enhancement of knowledge dissemination at national and international level and ensure institutional strengthening.

Project Focus Area

  • Create Safe Migration awareness through Courtyard, Door to Door, Pre-departure training (PDT), Interactive Popular theatres.
  • Provide legal support & Legal counselling for addressing grievances.
  • Continuous meeting with Local level stakeholders (Migrants forum, CTC)
  • Prepare policy brief on access to justice, Consultation meeting with public prosecutors & Lesson learned workshop.

Geographic Area

Upazila: (Union-26, Narayanganj-12, Munshiganj-9 & Faridpur-05)
Munshiganj Sadar

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