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Climate induced migration and modern slavery in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh (CIMMS)

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Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD).

Project Overall Objective

To better understand the links between climate change, environmental degradation, migration, and modern slavery in the Sundarbans region and to strengthen the capacity of communities affected or vulnerable to unsafe migration, human trafficking, forced labor, or modern slavery due to climate change

Specific Objective

  • To gather and document real-time data and evidence through longitudinal research, feeding into policy advocacy and global discourse on climate change, migration, and modern slavery at national and international levels.
  • To raise awareness among climate-vulnerable communities regarding the interconnected issues of climate change, migration, and human rights.
  • To enhance the resilience of climate-vulnerable and marginalized communities in project areas by providing them with transformative skills and capacities.
  • To improve support and access to services for victims/survivors of human trafficking, forced labor, and modern slavery within the context of climate-induced migration.

Project Focus Area

  • Longitudinal action research
  • Building resilience through Knowledge (Awareness of unsafe migration, trafficking, and modern slavery)
  • Building resilience through capacity building (Life skills training, and career counseling)
  • Policy advocacy

Geographic Area

Gabura, Kaikhali, and Padmapukur unions of Shyamnagar Upazila, Satkhira, Bangladesh.

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