World Environment Day 2024 Campaign in Shyamnagar Upazila, Satkhira

On June 5th, 2024, OKUP organized a series of events in Shyamnagar, Satkhira to commemorate World Environment Day. The campaign brought together climate advocates and local residents to raise awareness about environmental protection.

Participants and Guests:

  • OKUP staff and climate advocates from Kaikhali, Gabura, and Padmapukur unions
  • Upazila Executive Officer
  • Upazila Chairman
  • Upazila Vice Chairman
  • Upazila Women Vice Chairman
  • NGO Coordinator

Key Activities:

  1. Awareness Rally: At 9:50 AM, participants donned t-shirts featuring this year’s World Environment Day theme and carried banners and placards. The rally began at the OKUP office and proceeded through Shyamnagar Sadar’s main roads, raising slogans about environmental protection and sustainable practices.
  2. Discussion at Upazila Square: Following the rally, attendees gathered at the upazila square to discuss environmental challenges and potential solutions.
  3. Tree Planting Ceremony: At 10:30 AM, a tree planting ceremony was held in the presence of upazila officials. The Upazila Executive Officer inaugurated the program by planting three trees on behalf of OKUP in the upazila square. In total, 168 trees were distributed to participants for planting in their local areas.
  4. Community Engagement: OKUP’s climate advocates, spouse members, and career counseling members participated in a “My Yard, My Tree” initiative, planting trees in their homes and sharing photos on social media to inspire others.

The Upazila Executive Officer commended OKUP’s efforts and emphasized the importance of environmental conservation in his speech. This campaign demonstrates OKUP’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement in addressing climate change challenges.

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